Curbside Pick up

Curbside Pick Up 

Chuck’s Produce is now offering curbside pick-up on Thursdays for a limited time.

Please call your desired store of pick up on Thursday between 8 AM and noon to place your order for scheduled pick up between noon and 4 PM. 

Please use the menu button below to view available items. When you call, our personal shoppers will take your order, shop for your items and then call you back with a total and to take payment information. Only Credit and Debit are accepted for payment. There is no fee for this service.

Total number of orders per day will be limited so we ask that you please leave this service for our seniors and those who are not able to shop in the store.

*Due to COVID-19 your favorite items might be out of stock. Substitutions are available. 

*Please ask to be connected to Curbside when you call.

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