Killa Bites

Chuck’s is Checkin’ In on Killa Bites in Ridgefield, WA. Killa Bites owners, Donna and, both have a passion for baking and offering quality products to their customers. Killa Bites started in 2013 when Laura’s husband received news about his life-threatening illness. Killa Bites was a way for Laura to help plan for the future. Donna joined Killa Bites shortly after with her biscotti and the business was launched.

Killa Bites

7 years later, they are a team of 15 and are located in the Ridgefield Administrative & Civic Center. Laura and Donna love helping the community and working with their team. They formed a partnership with the Ridgefield School District to work with students in creating a coffee shop in Ridgefield called The Birds and the Beans. This shop gives students the opportunity to learn job skills such as management, operations and marketing. Customers rave about all of their products but Killa Bites’ most popular items are their Birthday Cake Bomb and Chocolate Lover’s Biscotti. You can find Killa Bites products at both of our Chuck’s Produce locations.


Killa Bites






Kember’s Gluten Free


Today Chuck’s is Checkin’ In on Kember’s Gluten free, a local business located in Vancouver, WA. Kember’s has been producing high quality gluten free products for 7 years. Joanne, the owner loves being able to support the gluten free and allergy free community by providing superior products using only superior, non-gmo ingredients. With three of her four children having life-threatening allergies, she is very passionate about offering allergy friendly foods that is safe for her family and community. Joanne is also is the co-founder of an allergy support group Food Free Fun for Everyone and Vancouver Allergy Awareness Network.

Kember’s products are free of gluten, dairy, soy and GMOs and has egg free options. Their most popular items are their pizza dough and pie crust. Products are created in a dedicated & certified gluten free facility and products are tested for gluten at less than 10 ppm while still having the taste and texture of traditional baked goods. You can find their ready-made dough, baking mixes and spice blends at Chuck’s Produce. Baking mixes are found in our bulk section so you can purchase as much or as little as you need. In the future, Kember’s hopes to expand their product line and reach outside their local community.

  Kember's Gluten Free

Kember's Gluten Free









Happy Cup Coffee

Happy Cup Coffee
Today Chucks is Checkin’ In with Happy Cup Coffee in Portland, OR.

Happy Cup Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster with two goals:

1) To offer employment at a competitive wage to adults with disabilities in our local community

2) To deliver a great tasting cup of artisan coffee

Owners Frank McLaughlin and Mike Sherman provide a pathway for individuals who have aged out of special education programming. Happy Cup offers life skill building for special needs adults. Their “People with Potential” have a hand in every aspect of the business. Bagging, labeling, weighing coffee and developing the creative blend names. Normally, Happy Cup employs 14-18 workers but at the start of COVID, a lot of their employees couldn’t work due to restrictions on those living in group homes. They hope that they will be able to bring all of their workers back soon.
A typical day at Happy Cup starts with a morning cleaning, 5 AM roasting and later in the day, order processing leaving the afternoons for product delivery at local retailers. Happy Cup typically produces 200-250 bags of coffee per day with their most popular roast being “The Buzz” and “Happy Heart”.
Happy Cup coffee is ethically farmed and traded from coffee growing regions throughout the world.
When asked about their plans for the future, their hopes are to open a retail coffee shop location in March 2021. You can find Happy Cup coffee beans at our Salmon Creek location.

Happy Cup Coffee Happy Cup Coffee Happy Cup Coffee








Beth’s Bountiful Bone Broth


Beth’s Bountiful Bone Broth is made right here in the Pacific Northwest, Hood River to be exact. Her mission is to enrich people’s lives and daily diet by providing them with nutrient-rich foods to improve digestion, promote healthy weight loss and increase energy. Beth’s Bountiful Bone Broth goes to great lengths to ensure their broth is full of healthy, healing chicken, turkey or beef gelatin. Their pasture raised and finished bones are simmered for hours in pressure cookers with turmeric, maitake mushrooms, black garlic and celeriac to bring out the very best health medicinal qualities.

Beth started making bone broth to boost her own health and now produces
gallons of bone broth weekly to sell locally. 

Beth’s broth is made from locally sourced vendors. Ingredients come from Carman Ranch (Wallowa, OR), Aurora Farms Organic Chickens (Aurora, OR) and Diestel Farms (Sonora, CA). Their beef is completly Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef. 

  • Grass-fed beef contains 2x – 5x more omega-3s than grain-fed beef. 
  • Grass fed beef has 2x-3x more CLA, (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) than grain fed beef. CLA is a naturally occurring amino acid which exhibits potent antioxidant activity and research indicates that CLA protects against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Grass-fed beef is one of the best dietary sources of CLA.

You can find Beth’s Bone Broth in the frozen section at both of our Chuck’s Produce & Street Market locations in Vancouver, WA.


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